Another one of our specialties is both architectural and structural concrete. San Francisco’s Union Square, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, Novato’s Grant Avenue Rehabilitation, and San Francisco’s Embarcadero, are a few of our past jobs where major concrete work was performed. Some of the work performed on these jobs included: sidewalks, curb and gutter, retaining walls, seat walls, planter walls, concrete paths, stairs, etc. Bauman employees and craftsman are very skilled in their areas of trade; and Bauman concrete masons are no exception. Each mason is thoroughly trained and pre-qualified prior to on-site work. Along with the masons, we have our certified and experienced carpenters on site prior to any concrete work to build the formwork for the concrete. We have developed concrete crews who have become proficient in placing basic concrete flatwork, architectural type finishes, and significant earth retaining structures.